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Future Ethics only with Space and Time (and Culture) Horizons
Hans Jonas

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --
I took the road less traveled by.
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost

The greatest single achievement of science 
in this most scientifically productive of centuries 
is the discovery that we are profoundly ignorant; 
we know very little about nature and understand even less. 
Lewis Thomas
A century simply concerned with analysis
and which is at the same time afraid of synthesis is not on the right path
for only both together like breathing in and out comprise the life of science. 
J.W. v. Goethe
"We cannot departmentalize our thinking...
We cannot think of economic
principles and ethical principles
Underneath all our thinking, there are certain fundamental principles
to be applied to all our problems."
Mary Parker Follett

In the Einstein Year 2005, and keeping in mind Einstein's 4 Dimensions, this page was for a good part motivated by the site "in-betweener", - where we explore the cognitive and creative dimensions of jointly thinking deep, of sharing and negotiating findings. BUT this is not enough - there are also social, cultural, political and global dimensions to it! These dimensions we tried to adress with "me, we, you, they, others - models"... but these messages seem to be burried in "deep" sites...

When learning about current writers making fortunes selling "THE WORLD IS FLAT" and "The Globalisation of Politics" (which maintains that "the world was getting more and more close, both maintaining old, post-modern or modernist views"; this is party true, but not enough and not useful for describing the highly complex situations and challenges of our worlds), we strongly felt the need to clarify and emphasise that the world is deep! and only "our views and models are too flat"! And critically inappropriate to succeed and move forward.

In view of the efforts around WHOLENESS and EARTH LITERACY we feel it can be useful to add depth to our views and models - maybe towards 3-D or 4-D or 9-Dimensional realms - which we called a Cognitive Panorama. This site and the links above explore what it means to progress to wider (embodied) COMMONS or a Global Covenant, to DIFFERENT EDUCATION and OLD & NEW THINKING, LEARNING & EDUCATING.

Why all these efforts, and what makes it appear so complex?
First of all, there is no reason for perplexity nor ignorance. Secondly, we can widen our horizons, increase our compassion and look into the inflictions of suffering. Finally, we can learn to share and communicate beyond the meso scale, beyond the tunnel-vision turns and specialised turfs that we occupy ourselves with in order to avoid bigger, deeper pictures and "stepping back". Real Governers and Citizens have always looked beyond their ego-level and shared wider horizons. In this context, I can only point to the recommendations "capacity to govern" and how we go beyond "the need to agree" by combining old and new "dialogue and decision cultures".

The In-Betweener: bridging levels and sectors of truth, fidelity, and reality.
Heiner Benking